Statement on Terror Attacks in Edmonton
Many of us in Edmonton woke to disheartening news of attempted suspected acts of terrorism in our community. We celebrate the heroism of our Edmont...
Learn How To Blow The Shofar
As Rosh Hashanah approaches, it is fun to practice and get ready to blow the shofar. If you haven't done this many times or if it's been a while, here...
URJ Biennial 2017 in Boston
“When one person comes to Biennial from a congregation, one person is transformed; when a group of people come to Biennial from a congregation, the...
New Rabbi for Temple Beth Ora
Born in Jerusalem, Rabbi Gila Caine, while still a teenager, felt a need for a new spiritual and religious path for herself. After completing her B.A....

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  • 12 December - 5:00 pm
    First Candle of Chanukkah

  • 13 December - 5:00 pm
    Second candle of Chanukkah

  • 14 December - 5:00 pm
    Third Candle of Chanukkah

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Refreshing Thoughts

Eco-Kosher's Biblical Roots
R'EIH, DEUTERONOMY 11:26–16:17 D'VAR TORAH BY: MELANIE ARON For almost twenty-five years, since his article, "Toward an Ethical Kashrut," was published with Rebecca Alpert in the journal Reconstructionist in the spring of 1987,1 Rabbi Arthur Waskow has been talking about standards of kashrut t...
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