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Revised February 2 2012

Statement of Policy:

It is the policy of Temple Beth Ora to adhere to the principles of Kashrut in Temple facilities.

Policy Objectives

Temple Beth Ora wishes to augment community-building opportunities in our calendar by scheduling occasional or periodic pot-luck meals in conjunction with worship services and festival celebrations.. This policy would offer assurance that food served at Temple Beth Ora adheres to the principles of Kashrut and remains free of overt Kashrut violation.


  1. Any food brought into Temple Beth Ora shall be dairy or pareve. Shellfish or fish lacking fins and scales shall not be brought into Temple Beth Ora.
  2. Members are encouraged to use kosher ingredients when bringing in food for a communal meal or personal use.
  3. Processed food items purchased for the Temple Beth Ora kitchen shall be certified kosher or purchased from a kosher supplier and prepared from dairy or pareve ingredients.
  4. For any Oneg Shabbat, kiddush luncheon, study session or communal meal, certified kosher food shall be provided by Temple Beth Ora along with any food brought from members’ homes.
  5. All food for ritual purposes shall be certified kosher.
  6. Any utensils or dishes used by TBO staff for personal consumption must be removed from TBO after use.
  • Supersedes Kashrut Policy January 2010

Approved by Temple Beth Ora Board of Directors February 2, 2012