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Message from ARZA Canada President, Miriam Pearlman

Where is your congregation now with regard to Israel connections?
• In what ways has your congregation connected with Israel?
• What do your congregants know about Israel?
• What do they want to learn?
• Does your congregation have a representative on the board of ARZA Canada?
ARZA Canada can help.

Why is connecting with israel good for your congregation?
• It embeds the love of Israel into the ethos of your congregation.
• It builds community around a common interest.
• It provides motivation for congregations to do Israel advocacy, education, celebration and travel together.
• It paves way to build partnerships with Israel Reform congregations.
• It encourages travelling together to Israel on a Reform mission.
• It creates relationships with inspiring, charismatic Israeli Reform rabbis and lay leaders.
ARZA Canada can help.

Why is connecting with israel so important?
• It accepts both a loving and a criticizing relationship with Israel.
• It encourages helping to shape Israel to be a democratic, pluralistic, egalitarian society.
• It recognizes Israel as a core element of Jewish historical and current experience.
• It inspires a sense of connection and belonging to the Jewish people.
• It inspires a sense of collective investment and responsibility.
• It inspires deepening knowledge and commitment.
• It plays a significant role in enhancing and sustaining one’s Jewish identity, particularly important for our Jewish youth.
ARZA Canada can help.

Our goals through ARZA Canada are to:
• Support and promote Israel engagement and travel to Israel in our Reform congregations.
• Work with the Israel Reform Movement and IRAC to support the growth of Progressive Judaism in Israel.
• Help our movement in Israel work for a Jewish, pluralistic, just and democratic society.
• Serve as the voice of Reform Zionists in Canada and advocate for Israel in the wider community.
• Represent Canadian Reform Jews in national and international Zionist organizations.

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Miriam Pearlman
ARZA Canada President