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Another “Bissell” Lunch on December 20, 2015!

On December 20th we will be feeding up to 300 of our downtown neighbours; every Sunday throughout the year the Inner City Pastoral Ministry offers this unique ministry of care and support to the most vulnerable and needy in the city, in the Bissell Centre. After “church” they serve lunch, with our help, to a few hundred very hungry and grateful people, both those who came to the service and those who waited outside.

 A number of different churches make and help serve this lunch on a rotating basis, and twice a year in 2015 the Jewish community takes a turn. We need:

 10 helpers to work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.;

  • 90 loaves of uncut sandwiches, ¼ egg, ¼ tuna or salmon, ½ meat with cheese (sorry);
  • vegetables and fruit for 300;
  • 600 pieces of dessert;
  • 12 litres of pickles, sweet and dill;
  • coffee, creamer, sugar, juice crystals, serviettes, gloves.

 Buying everything but the sandwiches and some baking requires approximately $250. The more we have the more can be spent on “extras” like Mandarin oranges.

 There will be two drop-off locations for sandwiches and baking, one in the west end and one central. We will try to call everyone who has helped in the past, but if you contact us first that would save time.

Please call Netta Phillet at 454-7109 or phillet@shaw.ca.

 We look forward to hearing from you.