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Introduction to Judaism is a course offered in partnership between the Union for Reform Judaism and local Reform congregations for anyone interested in exploring Judaism – singles, interfaith couples, those considering conversion and Jews looking for adult-level basics. This class introduces the fundamentals of Jewish thought and practice in 16-20 weeks. Topics include Jewish holidays and life cycle events, theology and prayer, Israel, history and Hebrew.

Why take the course? Perhaps:

… you recently discovered you have Jewish ancestry and want to learn more about your roots.

… your partner is Jewish and you are not.

… your adult child is helping to raise Jewish grandchildren.

… you are seeking conversion to Judaism.

… you are Jewish yet somehow, when you were younger, you didn’t learn what you’d like to know about the culture and religion of the Jewish people.

… you grew up in a place where there was no synagogue.

… you weren’t quite ready to appreciate the Jewish education you were offered.

… your parents didn’t think you needed a Jewish education.

… you now seek a way to live a fuller and richer Jewish family life.

… you now want to narrow the cultural gaps between you and your children.