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“BISSELL” LUNCH – December 21, 2014

 Every Sunday throughout the year the Inner City Pastoral Ministry offers their unique ministry of care and support to the most vulnerable and needy in the city, in the Bissell Centre. After “church” they serve lunch, with our help, to hungry and grateful people, both those who came to the service and those who waited outside.

 On December 21st the Edmonton Jewish Community will be feeding up to 300 of our downtown neighbours: seniors who may live in Operation Friendship; women and men who live with chronic addictions and are cared for and housed at Urban Manor; younger men looking for work or having found some but still waiting for the first pay cheque. They are women fleeing abusive relationships, and young mothers and sometimes fathers and grand-parents with young children trying to make a new start for their families. Each and all live with challenges beyond what many of us may have ever experienced and therefore can’t understand, yet each and all are welcomed as sisters and brothers.

 A number of different churches make and help serve this lunch on a rotating basis, and once a year the Jewish community takes a turn. This year it will be on December 21st. We need:

600 sandwiches, egg or fish or meat with cheese (sorry);

600 pieces of dessert;

200 whole fruit (oranges, bananas);

approximately $250 to buy gallons of pickles (sweet and dill, they love pickles), raw vegetables, tea, coffee, juice, etc.

 There will be two drop-off locations for sandwiches and baking, Ruth Coppens 233 Dechene Road and Netta at 10324 Wadhurst Road by 8:45 on Sunday morning

We will try to call everyone who has helped in the past, but if you contact us first that would save time.

 Please contact Netta Phillet 454-7109 or phillet@shaw.ca.

 We look forward to hearing from you.


 “BISSELL” LUNCH – December 21, 2014

Thank you for the usual enthusiastic response, we now have more than enough people who want to serve the lunch, and the money is coming in too. The greatest need is sandwiches, and baking less so but still wanted. If you can make two loaves of egg (celery okay, no onion) or fish or meat with cheese (sorry), or donate some dessert, please contact me. The sandwiches are to be put back into the bread bag UNCUT please.

The west end drop-off location is Ruth Coppens, 233 Dechene Road, and central is my house, 10324 Wadhurst Road, by 8:45 Sunday morning.

Please contact Netta Phillet 454-7109 or phillet@shaw.ca.

We look forward to hearing from you.