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Dear Congregation Beth Israel,

Reading the testimonies you had written about your previous Shabbat, touched our hearts. The feelings of fear, anger and loneliness– and on the other hand of words and acts of friendship from people in your community – it seems like you must have had a “roller coaster” of a Shabbat.

And so, we would like to add our words of support and friendship– from all of us at Temple Beth Ora, Edmonton, Canada. We are well aware that no place, and no community is immune to hatred and evil, but the shock of encountering this in one’s home is terrible. It’s a moment of loss and grieving, and of “demons” rising to the surface.

We send you our blessings and our prayers, in hope that any “demons” that arise, are put to rest, and that healing is sent to your kehilla and to the wider community around you. And to our entire world.