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“You are home. Welcome home.”

This is what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said to the first resettled Syrian refugees as they arrived in Toronto earlier this month.

Rabbi Lisa Grushcow said in her Rosh HaShanah sermon,

“Our High Holy Day prayers include the words, ‘Who by fire, who by water?’ in contemplation of our own mortality. I cannot say those words this year without seeing Alan Kurdi, drowned in the Aegean Sea. I cannot say those words and know that we could have helped, and did nothing. The only relevant religious question here is what our beliefs and values tell us to do.”

Rabbi Dan Moscovitz of Temple Sholom in Vancouver also called on his congregation to take action over the High Holidays, as he said in his Kol Nidre sermon, “I want to ask you to save a life, the life of a stranger – because we were once strangers in the land, because we are human beings and that is the only similarity that we really need.”

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