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Our Values 

The Hebrew word “nefesh” is typically translated as “soul” in English. 

In traditional thought, the soul actually consists of three parts, the nefesh (consciousness), ruach (spirit) and neshama (intellect). Nefesh comes from the root nafash, meaning “rest,” as in the verse, “On the seventh day, [God] ceased work and rested (nafash).” (Exodus 31:17). From this, we can understand that there is a need to give rest to our nefesh, as we all experience struggles and situations that seem to wear us down. 

What Makes TBO Special? 

Temple Beth Ora is an open, inclusive and affirming community where anyone can come to find refreshment of soul. TBO reflects the diversity of Canada in the 21st Century.  We have members who come originally from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Holland, England, Hungary, India, El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, and Hong Kong. 

Our Vision 

As a community, TBO welcomes diversity and enthusiastically engages, explores, and expresses progressive Judaism in the contemporary world. 

Our Mission 

We celebrate our unity by engaging our members through program planning, educational programs, life cycle events, social action, and worship. We nurture diversity by providing support to interfaith couples, LGBTTIQQA2 members, and new congregants. We build links with the greater Jewish and non-Jewish communities through interfaith and interdenominational programming. LGBTTIQQ communities include people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex, queer, and questioning. 

Wed, 23 June 2021 13 Tammuz 5781